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Taking Back Bath Time

When I was younger, I used to love bath time. I would bring in my dolls and toys, swim around (well, swim around as much as you possibly could in a bathtub), and just have a grand old time playing and relaxing.

Now at 27, bath time means I have an HS flare and I have to go soak in the tub. What fun, right?

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but my HS kind of stole my enjoyment of bath time. In order to rekindle my enjoyment and love for bath time, there’s some things I do and own to try and distract myself from the fact that I’m really just in the bath to try and help my HS flares simmer down. If you’re in the same boat *finger snaps* (or tub) as me, here are some of my recommendations for enjoying bath time.

Pick the right time

You know what they say, it’s all about “location, location, location.” But seriously, you want to make sure you’re located in that bathtub at the exactly right moment in time. You want to make sure you will have the most peaceful experience possible.

Take the bath when your home is nice and quiet and as least stressful as possible. Take a bath when the house is empty so you don’t have to worry about someone having to use the bathroom. Take a bath when you have nowhere to go for the rest of the day so you can stay in there as long as you need to feel better. Instead of “location, location, location,” maybe it should be “time, time, time!”

Add epsom salt

I seriously love epsom salt. For me personally, I definitely feel like it helps with my flares when I soak in a tub of it. My personal preference is Dr. Teal’s Ginger & Clay. It smells absolutely amazing, which leaves YOU smelling like heaven. My boyfriend always comments on how good I smell after I get out of the bath. This one makes the whole bathroom scented and really helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

Plus, ginger is anti-inflammatory! Great smelling and great help to my flares? Oh hell yeah, sign me up!

Get a tray or table

Shout-out to my boyfriend for getting me a tray table for the bathtub. It seriously is one of my favorite bath-time accessories. He got it on Amazon and it seriously changes the scope of bath time (okay now I know I sound dramatic). The wooden tray/table thingy goes right across the bathtub and is adjustable. It comes with a backing and different slots with indentations so you can safely and securely have a water (or wine) glass, tablet, phone, or laptop on it.

I love using it for my phone or Kindle and it really helps make the time fly by. I can scroll endlessly on my phone or read until the water starts getting cold. It’s really great for nice long soaks!

Create the best ambiance

This one is just a follow up to the “picking the right time” one. You seriously want to make sure you’re relaxing to the fullest potential and enjoying the atmosphere you’re in.

Don’t be afraid to close the shower curtain, light some candles on the sink, listen to music, or turn down the lights. This is all about you and making yourself feel better. Self care is the best care and you want the best ambiance and setting for yourself possible.

Have a good beverage near

I like staying in the bath for at least 30 minutes and sometimes longer. Make sure you have your favorite beverage with you for that long haul. I always try to make myself a nice cup of tea before going in the tub. As the kids say nowadays, “TREAT YO SELF!!!”

Also, I personally like to make the water hotter than Florida in July so I always have a nice cold water bottle with me too so I don’t pass out.

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