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A Guide To Managing College Stress With HS

College is stressful. There is no doubt about it. For those of us who have HS, stress can be a huge trigger. So mixing college stress with HS can have some negative effects on our health. I've recently enrolled in college as a mature student and I'm struggling to adjust. Due to this, my HS has decided to flare up.

College stress and hidradenitis suppurativa

College can be stressful for many reasons, not just the academic side. For those of us with HS, it can be even more stressful. Missing classes due to flares can cause us even more stress and the worry of mixing with others who do not know about our condition can make us feel isolated. Adding the stress of assignments and exams into the mix can feel like a recipe for disaster. It's normal to feel this way and you aren't alone. Try not to worry and use the support available.

Reach out for help

I know it can seem hard, but speaking to a trusted member of staff can help. Check out your college's resources and support available. There might be a student counseling service available. 

It can feel daunting but explaining your situation to someone could really help. They may even be able to make reasonable adjustments for your condition. Speaking to a classmate who you trust can also make you feel less alone. I understand this can be daunting and only do so if you feel comfortable!

Taking time for self care

Self-care is so important! It's important for all college students and even more important for those of us who have HS. Try to set aside a while every day for yourself. This can be anything from watching your favorite TV show or spending some time on a hobby. For me, it's bagpiping. I try to spend as much time as I can immerse myself into the music and it's a great stress release. Even taking a few minutes to meditate can work wonders for stress and mental health.

Your mental health is important

Your mental health is so important. I often find if my mental health is low, so is my physical health. During times of extra stress or anxiety, my HS tends to be at its worst. This can be tough to tackle as sometimes the stress of life is inevitable. I always try to check in with my doctor during these times. If you're feeling like everything is too much, contact your doctor or therapist if you have one. It can be tough to keep going during these times and motivation for schoolwork can often be non-existent. Know that you aren't alone. Sometimes asking your tutor for an extension can help take the pressure off. This is why I feel making them aware of your situation early on can make your college journey easier.

Life is tough for any college student or anyone with HS, but as college students with HS, it can feel even more daunting. We are all just figuring things out and taking things one day at a time. It can feel overwhelming especially when you have HS. You aren't alone. If you're struggling, reach out to the community. Having this amazing community has helped me beyond belief!

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