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How Earthing Can Help Ease Chronic Pain

Have you ever spent time outside and realized that nature seemed to heal something inside of you? I know I definitely have and this is why I make an effort to spend dedicated time outdoors on a daily basis. The concept of earthing and reconnecting to nature is one aspect of the therapeutic technique of grounding, and examines how electrical charges from the Earth can positively impact the body.

How does earthing help?

The idea of earthing still has a lot of research that needs to be done to fully understand how and why it works. However, some preliminary studies have found promising results when examining the effects of earthing on chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

As you probably guessed, I am most interested in the effects of earthing on chronic pain and for managing my mood. Several studies have compared the practice of earthing with sleep, stress, and cortisol levels. These studies analyzed the practice of earthing by examining the electrophysiological and physiological effects earthing can have on the body.

How can I practice earthing?

For most people, earthing is not a new concept and something that was likely done often as a child. Simple activities like walking outside barefoot can help you gain the benefits of the electrical charges of the Earth. My absolute favorite way to practice earthing is by spending a day at the beach and running my toes through the sand. This is such a simple way to connect to the Earth, yet I can always feel the almost automatic shift in my mood from appreciating the surrounding beauty. Taking the time to listen to nature sounds in your environment can also be beneficial in connecting with the Earth. Additionally, one can also practice earthing by taking a stroll in nature and actively touching the surroundings in an effort to connect more to the environment.

However, sometimes it is impossible to walk barefoot due to weather, physical limitations, or maybe your location doesn’t allow you to get out in nature. Fortunately, in this case, there are some options that exist to help achieve similar results that are easily accessible online. In a quick search, I found products that range from bed sheets, patches, shoes, and wrist bands that use conductive material to mimic the earth’s energy and electrical output.

My commitment to earthing

Given the claims on earthing and the possible benefits I could experience, I am starting an earthing challenge to see if this concept really works. I am not setting a particular type of earthing that I have to complete, but I do want to practice earthing every day for the next month. I am curious to see if I notice a change in my mood, a reduction in inflammation and if I experience better sleep.

I am hoping that this will be a transformational experience that brings me closer to the Earth while also having positive affects on my body. In my experience living with HS, sometimes it is the smaller joys of life that bring me the most comfort.

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