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OMG What Is That Smell?

Last updated: April 2023

The biggest issue that I find with people who have HS that may initially go unnoticed is the smell. We all know what I'm talking about...

Can others smell me?

The smell that's a mixture of hospital sickness and the worst fart you could've ever imagined. I remember when I got my first pilonidal cyst and when it burst, I swear, the rotten scent lingered for days. I'm pretty sure I know what death smells like after having that cyst!

So why do we smell? Well, as I was told by some lovely health professionals, when your body knows something is wrong it sends signals. Sometimes it's pain, sometimes it's a change in color, for those of us with what our bodies perceive as an infection, it is this lovely smell.

I am constantly scared that others can smell me. Even when they have told me many times that they can't my thought is "how can you not?". I have pus leaking from my body 24/7. I know what it smells like! Unfortunately, no amount of reassurance helps.

So, what helps?

I was introduced to an amazing scented shea butter company called Perfume Chick located in Suitland, MD. The scents are so amazing and so strong that the only thing you smell for DAYS is the shea butter.

I've had people follow me through the grocery store because they just NEEDED to know what the scent was that I was wearing.

My coworker told me he knows when I've arrived to work because he can smell me. (A little weird but we're going to ignore that.)

The scent stays on my clothes long after I've taken them off and put them in the hamper

Smelling, but for a good reason!

People blurt out "Omg what is that smell?" and actually mean it in a good way!

It's so nice to have all smell references and questions be positive and I want that for everyone who has hidradenitis suppurativa. I want you to have people following you in the grocery store like Pepe Le Pew. I want you to sit with your crush and not worry about the HS smell because they're smelling whatever scent Perfume Chick blessed you with.

She has 14 pages of scents. Fan favorites include: Mango, Michelle Obama, Baby Powder, Guava, Luscious, and Almond Delight.

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