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Cultivating A Peaceful Apartment

My home is my sanctuary. It's one of the only spaces I feel like I can be my most authentic self. As an adult, I've started investing in my space because I realize it does impact how I feel about myself. It's also a reflection of my mental health. I know that if my home is in shambles, so is my mind.

My space has improved my mental health

It's taken me a while to develop my personal taste but through a bevy of Pinterest boards and a slew of saved items on Etsy I've been able to uncover my personal style, and reflect that in my home. I love a home with a mixture of art, color, and spa-like vibes. My home is filled with pastels and primary warm colors. Oh, and I have tons of plants that are like my little children.

What I discovered is that this space that I've cultivated for myself has improved my mental health by 200%. So, I thought, there have to be other patients who take pride in their space as I do. Even if you're someone who has yet to find your personal style, don't worry, because I have a few tips for cultivating a peaceful apartment no matter the budget.

Find cute statement pieces

Now I have to admit I had some help buying furniture for my apartment. My parents were gracious enough to start me off with a bed, table, and chairs. However, these are some of the pieces that make my apartment pop. My bed is where I feel like I spend most of my time. If you're like me, then most of our work is done here because of flares or just because it's comfortable.

You could also be like me and live in a studio with no couch and two uncomfortable chairs you don't want to sit on all day. I do use my table, but only when I feel like it. All of these items cultivate peace because of what I do with them, not necessarily because of them.

Clean, clean, clean!

Admittedly, I find this task to be difficult when my HS is out of whack but cleaning up after myself and making sure everything is in order also reduces stress for me. I don't like living in dirt and clutter so, when I notice it, I change it.

If I don't clean up my whole apartment, I usually compromise by spot cleaning throughout the week and doing a deep clean on Sundays. I think it's unrealistic to think I have the time to deep clean my apartment every day. It requires way too much energy from the little that I already have. Cleanliness is not next to Godliness, but to me, it is next to peacefulness.

Incense, candles, and essential oils

When I'm stressed out or just need to ground back down into my experience, scents help me to do that. I love smelling good, and I absolutely love when my home does too. Nowadays I look for non-toxic scents so that I am not disrupting my endocrine system which when disturbed can cause an influx of unwanted inflammation. I'm not perfect, but I am conscious and that makes all the difference.

Scents help me to feel grounded no matter where I am but especially in my home. I'll make another post on where I buy my home essentials from, but one of my favorite retailers is P.F. Candle. Non-toxic scents help to calm my nervous system and allow me to feel peaceful even if only for a moment. Essential oils have been proven to help manage stress which intern cultivates a peaceful apartment.

What are some ways you cultivate peace in your home, apartment, or living space?

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