Podcasts About HS That Are Worth The Listen

Let’s face it, today’s society has many of us on the go now more than ever. Early on, we are taught to live relatively routine lives that involve work or school and then home and sleep. With our busy lives and the many tasks we have to complete on a daily basis, it can be difficult to consume helpful information about your disease. Now more than ever, more attention has been placed on the difference in learning styles and why different methods of receiving information can be beneficial. For some, this might just be a matter of convenience, but for others, this could be something that truly changes how they learn.

Lately, I find that I’ve been enjoying consuming information in an audio format as opposed to reading books or seeking visual resources. As a result of this, I have turned to podcasts to learn more about my HS, and luckily I have found a few podcasts that speak to the experiences many warriors face. I have included a few of my findings for you, as well as my main takeaways of each below.

The Supernova: Episode “Hidradenitis Suppurativa” by Bakeia El

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast from Bakeia because so much of her story echoed experiences of my own. She starts by detailing what Hidradenitis Suppurativa is and how it presents on her body. I found similarities in our stories as she discussed first experiencing a flare as a pre-teen and the range of emotions she worked through as she tried to understand why this happened. It was also interesting to hear about her experience visiting a dermatologist and the parallel between our stories in our experiences with medication. Overall, this podcast provides a candid look into life with HS and the real experiences we fight every day like discovering our triggers and dating with HS.

The Vulva Diaries: Episode “Hidradenitis Suppurativa” by Dr. Amanda Selk

In this episode, Dr. Kristen Stewart discusses a wide range of topics related to HS including the prevalence of the disease, treatment options, associated physical and emotional effects, and the disease process as inflammation occurs. She provides a clear description of the Hurly Stages I, II, and III of the disease and how each stage presents. In my opinion, this is a great introduction to HS for someone who is newly diagnosed or wants to share their diagnosis with loved ones.

I especially appreciated how Dr. Stewart expressed her passion for teaching others about the disease and the explanation of other conditions one can have in addition to HS. Further, it was refreshing to hear how she understands the devastating impact HS can have on a person’s quality of life and her eagerness to find a suitable treatment method that works for each individual.

Borrowed Faith: Episode “Iron Sharpens Iron: A Conversation about Hidradenitis Suppurativa with Chaz Frazier” by Courtney Howell

In a deeply captivating and honest conversation, Chaz and Courtney share their experiences with HS and how their faith has grown along the way. I resonated with topics in this podcast like the normalizing of pain by warriors and how there is still so much that is unknown about the disease. As someone who does not have any known genetic ties to the disease, it was comforting for me to listen to the stories of others who also share this experience. Further, I truly enjoyed listening to the conversation as they spoke about the physical and mental scars of the disease, how HS can change life plans, and more.

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