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Practical Gifts for the HS Spoonie (Part 1)

Gift-giving is often a complex task of trying to figure out what a person wants, actually needs, and doesn’t even know they need in their life. Oftentimes, we spend hours trying to find the perfect gift when a practical gift just might be the most appreciated one. When you are in a pinch and need some inspiration for your spoonie friend, check out these gift ideas. These ideas fit a varying array of budgets and there’s something here for everyone.

Cozy pajamas

On bad flare days, I find myself wanting to snuggle up in comfortable clothes that keep me warm and cozy. I tend to gravitate towards loser fitting clothes and loungewear because I do not want to experience the pain of my clothing hitting my flare. This is an easy, low-cost option that is always a welcome gift for me.

Heating options

Heat is seriously my best friend. I am already generally cold-natured, however, flare days leave me wanting all the heat I can get. For HS, heat can be an easy option to help reduce discomfort from flares and is an option that I use often. There are many different methods available such as dry DIY compresses, hot water bottles, and electric heating devices. I typically prefer dry heat, so you may want to ask the gift receiver which they prefer if this isn’t a surprise gift.

Total body support pillow

This is one of those gifts that many likely never knew they needed. I am always speaking about how difficult it is to get quality sleep in the midst of flares that are in tricky areas. A total body support pillow can make sleep easier by allowing the user to lift certain areas of the body so that they are not irritated during sleep. Better sleep makes for a better mood the next day, so this is a gift that keeps on giving.

A wellness gift

Wellness gifts are a great option for anyone with a chronic illness because battling a disease every day can be downright exhausting. These are likely on the more expensive side, but sometimes it’s nice to spoil the ones you love and to remind them that you care about them. This can range from wellness classes to massage appointments and beyond. Besides, a little self-care practice can be beneficial in changing one’s mindset and overall wellbeing.

Quality time

After a long day of pain, I find myself wanting to spend time with the ones I love. This is another great way to show someone that you care about them and build relationships. Quality time could be a themed movie night, game night, a walk in the park, you name it. I really value when someone shows me that they care by spending time with me and maybe your loved one does too.

Boredom busters

Flare days can become quite boring if you’re stuck in bed all day or in the house period. For me, I find that boredom can easily lead to having negative thoughts if my mind is not focused on something positive. For your crafty loved ones, providing the option of an activity that is hands-on can be a positive outlet that also allows them to create something tangible. Craft kits are generally easily accessible and make a great gift for all ages.

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