Practical Gifts for the HS Spoonie (Part 2)

Editors note: This is the second part of a two-part series. Check out Practical Gifts for the HS Spoonie (Part 1).

Self massage tools

Self-care products are a mainstay in my home. Self-massage tools are a great gift for someone who lives alone or likes to give themselves massages often. Massages have therapeutic benefits that can help calm the mind after a stressful day and promote relaxation. I tend to place quite a bit of emphasis on self-care while battling HS because it improves my mindfulness while allowing me to take great care of my body.

Essential oil diffuser

Aromatherapy tools have gained increased popularity over the past few years. As a result, essential oil diffusers and essential oils are relatively easy to find in well-known retailers. Essential oils have been known to have mood-altering effects such as increasing focus, soothing the mind, and inducing uplifting thoughts. I personally have a small collection of go-to essential oils that I use regularly to improve my mood. Plus, essential oil diffusers come in a wide array of designs that can add style to your living space.

Kitchen tools

After a long flare day, I find myself dreading having to cook a meal. This often makes me want to indulge in fast food or microwave meal options that likely are not the best for my chronic illness. Having tools like a crockpot or instant pot can make mealtime less stressful and reduce the amount of time required in the kitchen. Some brands also offer disposable wraps for these tools that can make clean up a breeze.


Who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail? Subscription kits can make life easier for your loved one and more fun depending on what is inside. Movie and tv subscriptions are useful for me when I want to relax during a flare day or ease my mind while being entertained. Meal subscriptions make life easier as most come with the ingredients and directions you’ll need to make a quick meal for your family. I have thoroughly enjoyed meal subscriptions in the past as they eliminate meal planning and simply arrive at my doorstep ready to cook. Self-care subscriptions are also always welcome for me because it is nice to receive new items on a regular basis that contribute to my wellbeing.

A gratitude journal

Expressing gratitude is one of my easiest and most fun go-to's when I need to increase my mindfulness and improve my mood. Gifting a gratitude journal can be a source of motivation for your loved one to be thankful for the smallest things in life and can act as a reminder on days when they need it. I like to buy journals that have quotes that resonate with me or a particular color palette that makes me happy. You can also gift gratitude journaling apps that are another easy option for on the go.

Pill organizer

Whether you take many pills for your health or you are a supplement junkie, having a dedicated pill organizer can make life easier for your loved one. Like journals, pill organizers come in all types of decorative cases that can be fun to use on a daily basis. You can also find personalized options if you really want to make an impression.

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