The Confidence to Say Yes to Your Dreams (part 2)

Building the confidence to say yes to your dreams takes a lot, so we are back with part two of this series. You'll want to read part one before you continue this post. In part one, we discussed why being a co-creator in your own experience could be challenging. We also discussed some obstacles that may greet us at the door. Part two will delve deeper into how to say yes to your dreams while living with hidradenitis suppurativa.

Understanding what we want to create

Creating a plan of action takes time, trial, and error. I didn't realize it until now, but it's taken me over a decade to reach the point where I can actively work as an advocate for the HS community full-time. The desire was always there, and I did what I could to remain open to the possibilities, but I needed clarification. I had to wait and see how it would materialize.

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As the years went on and I experimented with what did and did not feel good, career-wise, I had a pivotal 'ah-ha' moment in 2017 that revolutionized my work as an advocate. I penned down my vision, even if it seemed far-fetched. I had a mental picture of the brands and individuals I aspired to collaborate with and the type of work I aimed to create. Your 'ah-ha' moment is waiting for you, and it might come in a different form, but it's a sign of progress on your journey.

So, be patient. Plan as much as you can, but in the meantime, continue to say yes to what ignites your passion. Find ways to be present. It might not make sense today, but one day you'll look up and realize, wow, I've arrived. Patience is key in this journey, and it's what will keep you going when the path seems unclear.

How can we start creating our reality?

Taking action might be the biggest hurdle we must navigate as HS patients. One of the many reasons is because of chronic pain. Chronic pain is a physical limitation we don't experience all the time, but it can stop our whole world from spinning when we do. When this happens, don't push on, don't try to grit your teeth through it, put everything down, and relax. If you don't know how to listen to your body when in pain, how will you know how to navigate joy?

Time isn't unlimited, but there's plenty of it simultaneously. Rome wasn't created in a day. Those workers rested, and so should you. Even the sun stops shining at some point in the day. The next thing we do is take one step toward our dreams every day. Want to be an HS influencer? Create one TikTok post a day. Want to start braiding hair? Create a flyer to pass out to your friends or post around your neighborhood. It's the small things that create the big dreams. They all add up over time.

Instead of setting rigid deadlines, let yourself gradually work towards your goals. For example, if you have to work a 9 to 5 until you can be a full-time influencer, makeup artist, painter, or singer, then do that. If you feel you should quit your job, you can do that too. Always ensure you have a plan in place for unpredictable days.

I challenge you to do one thing toward your goals today. Go out there and manifest!

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