Always Seems to Be Something

I really don’t know exactly when HS symptoms presented itself, but it was sometime in high school for me. I am 34 as I write this. I really haven’t shared my story with others, and for the longest have felt a level of shame and embarrassment of having HS. These past few years have really sent me on a health discovery journey- diagnosis and excision of endometriosis in 2019, followed by excision of a pilonidal cyst in 2021- which I also suffered from for YEARS! Also, the lifestyle changes that comes with managing gut health, physical and mental health, and balancing of hormones. Not to mention managing my seborrheic dermatitis as well. It’s a journey.

It’s been a lot, and I’m amazed at why I hadn’t sought out community and support surrounding HS before, until now. Either way, here I am. I look forward to connecting with others, sharing our stories, and together making a positive difference for others.

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