Living with HS

I have been living with HS since 2007. The first one started out at the base of the tail bone then it was surgically removed. After that it kept spreading to other areas. Then it began staying in the armpits. I was getting multiple lesions every 3 months. The summer months were the worse for me. No matter what I did it was very difficult. The odor that came from it was driving me crazy. Every morning I woke up I had so much blood on my sheets. So I had to wash my sheets every morning. I kept living with it for many years until 2020 it moved to the groin area. The first time it erupted I panicked cause there was so much blood. I'm a grown man and I was panicking and scared and I even cried. I didn't know how to stop the bleeding.

Nothing is working

I have been on so many different kinds of antibiotics and even topical creams. Nothing was working. I tell you I'm not getting rid of it. Dermatologists can't stop it. There has got to be someone that only practices in this area of disease to get rid of it or stop it or cure it.

There has to be a cure for it if it's been out for years and maybe centuries. Someone should find a cure for it...

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