Blessed Anyways

My name is Marlena... I have suffered from this for almost 28 years now... I have had MRSA a few times because of this nasty disorder. I have tunneling everywhere. I have had over 75 to 100 boils lanced and have had 2 major surgeries due to how big and infected they were. I have soaked in bleach water, vinegar water. I have had my fair share of antibiotics and just have been in so much pain and showing doctors several locations on my body - it gets very embarrassing.

Resilient despite all the challenges

I have a hard time daily with more than I would like to say. I will be starting Humira injections soon. I am still so embarrassed to be intimate with my husband due to my scars, and I feel uncomfortable with myself sometimes... I am just happy that I discovered this by myself reading up on chronic boils... I am blessed to be in a group that cares and, unfortunately, understands what I am going through, as we all are going through. Thank you for letting me vent.

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