Living with HS (Part 2)

I am on 2 forms of antibiotics. 1 was for 14 days for a major bacteria and the other I have to take every day of my life. The antibiotics that was given for 14 days did not do anything good. I still draining and I can stop it. I change out my clothes when I get wet by the draining. Hate to describe this but I like to share what all this is doing to me. My right genital area is so raw due to the drainage never got healed and still swollen for months. I seen a doctor but it's my HS is causing it and fighting back and harder. I'm taking HUMIRA Pen shots nothing is stopping it I am losing control.

Trying to control the drainage

I have very bad anxiety cause of this no matter what antibiotics they put me on the HS has no effect with it. I don't care if I get rid of the HS but there got to be a way to get it to be removed from the area that's constantly draining nonstop. If they just make the drainage stop. I can live with the disease or reroute it I will be cool with that do you like to know how much I drain a day well if I use a shot glass it will not be enough shot glass I would need more. But none of my doctors can get to the root apparently the root moves. I need help and there got to be a doctor who only specializes in just HS because if not have a cure then find a way to stop it from constantly draining. At this point I don't care about the disease I only want the drainage to stop so I don't feel like my seat of my pants is wet all the time. Thank you for letting me share.

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