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Loving Someone with HS

Loving someone with HS

I imagine loving someone with HS is difficult. Plans constantly changing or being cancelled, the emotional rollercoaster of hospital trips, surgeries and the aftermath of the surgery. Seeing your partner in pieces after the emotional weight of HS has once again come to a head and they can’t take no more, you are left to put all the pieces of your partner back together and try make them feel whole again. Hs weighs heavily on those around us but my god I couldn’t go through this emotional rollercoaster without my partner.

I am grateful for you everyday

If you are reading this I’m guessing you either have HS or you love someone with HS. Living with HS we sometimes feel that no one can understand the true depth of the things we are feeling and the pain we have to go through on a daily basis, physically and emotionally but allowing your loved ones to help you, allowing your self to feel vulnerable and open up to your partner or loved one is such a powerful thing and I promise you it will be life changing.

HS can make you feel ugly, unworthy and some days like you never want to leave the house again. My scaring weighs heavy on me, it is always on my mind. Certain days it can cause so much emotional distress all you want to do is lock yourself away.

I am far from being body confident but having your partner truly understand what you are going through and truly loving you for who you are, they can make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world.

Watching the ones we love and the ones that are closest to us give up everything in that moment we are at our lowest and feel weak, to do anything they can to make us feel strong again is an extremely powerful thing.

We can convince ourselves that we aren’t worthy of love, that no one could love someone with HS but I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be more wrong.

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