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Last updated: September 2021

For the past 3 weeks I have been feeling really ill. I have coughed and just felt drained. So this week a boil reared its ugly head again. I was starting to feel a burning sensation on my chest. Well the next morning there it was a huge red boil. So after 3 days it was making me feel 10 times worse.

Going to the doctor

I went to the E.R. and I was told it isn't ready to be removed so I left. The next morning I felt worse so I called my dermatologist office and they were able to see me. Doctor said it has to be removed... my skin was on fire. The size was 5cm by 4cm on the outside. She squeezed for about 20 minutes to help relieve my pain.

I am still very weak. I know this takes time. MRSA again in this boil. I started to get depressed then I had to fight myself so I wouldn't get so hurt. I just had seven removed in July of this year with 2 liters of infection.

Have faith

I have had H.S. for 29 years now and yes it is a battle. I know I am fighting every day to feel better..I have faith that Jesus will help me. We must not give ourselves pity, we need to fight H.S. and keep our heads up..

Boil on my chest
Boil on my chest

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