Painful and More Pain

Good morning all.. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.. Well for a week now with no relief insight.. It's the size of a walnut shell on the inner side and outside.. I can hardly sit nor stand.. I can barely walk. This is just beyond painful and embarrassing.. I am so scared of going in and having it lanced.. Some will say it's not really ready to be.. This virus has me scared to go anywhere. My nerves feel like they are in a million places.. I turn 50 in 1 week.. I have had this now half of my life.. Well a little more than half.. These flares are getting worse and more severe.. I have been on Humira for almost 7 months and I don't think it's working.. I am starting to feel like this is just taking me over.. My meds are not helping.. Not sure what else I can do.. Just don't like this disease.. We need help and I am looking into more treatment what else is there? Disappointed that the weekly injections have been unsuccessful.. Well I hope we all have a better new year.. Happy New Years to all..

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