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Exercise & Weight Loss

Finding a workout plan that works for you can be challenging, especially living with chronic pain. Have you found an exercise program that works for you? Do you have a journey with weight loss that you want to share with the community?

  1. My weight has really fluctuated in the past 5 years and my HS has pretty much stayed the same. But I have been trying to get more exercise and movement into my routine for mental health and cardiac health. I've found that swimming has been great!! I love swimming already and the water really helps my skin not hurt. Swimming is a great workout. I also have been doing Pilates and it has been a gentle way of moving my body as well!

    1. I'm in the process of starting on a weight loss journey now, and I'm finding it hard to find an exercise that doesn't make me flare right now with the summer heat! I just ordered a stationary peddle exerciser so I will report back if that helps.

      1. I actually was able to manage my flares better once I lost weight. I was 350lbs and now I am about 180. I went from stage III to stage II. The only reason I am still dealing with it is because it got worse during the pandemic. I haven't been able to workout much because I've been in and out of pain throughout this year but when I can workout I choose pilates because I don't sweat as much and yoga because it helps to release pent up energy.

        1. Thank you so much! It's so hard to figure out how to move the body without causing pain, especially during a flare. I realize too the last thing on my mind is moving when I'm in pain haha

        2. So far, I like the food. It's delicious. Looking forward to shedding some pounds and getting healthier.

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