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Help! Infected? Go doctor?

Hello! I have HS for approx. 25 years now... So this morning I woke up to a very swollen cheek on the right side of my face. I've had a bump (That's what I call them) for a few months now. A few weeks ago it was big and swollen and died down but today is 10x as bad. The pain is ridiculous, my skin is stretched. So I started doing more research and again, the internet scared me. I learned that you can get serious infections like staph and MRSA. So I included a pic in this post and would like if anyone could give me feedback. Does anyone else have it on their face? Is this bad? Should I go to doctor? ER? Haven't been to Derm in long time, years. But I made an appointment with new doc but it's not for a few weeks. Can it wait til then?
The swelling had gone down a little, it's been 6 hours since I woke up and I've been doing hot compresses..

  1. You look really swollen... Have you considered the ER?

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