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Medical Trauma

Has anyone researched ways to connect back to the body after medical trauma? I wonder how the research could help HS patients especially because we deal with medical trauma sometimes on a daily basis.

  1. Hi Jasmine! We do deal with medical trauma, daily. It's a bit funny to think that when I was much younger I was a bit squeamish about certain things, and now I don't even blink. I know what my limits are though too - like looking into the layers of my body. Could I have been a surgeon? Maybe, maybe not. I was fine with working on a cadaver in nursing school, but not okay with some things that had to be taken care of ON ME. Medical PTSD is only just beginning to be researched, so I'm not sure how far anyone has gotten on medical trauma. But it's a great topic!

    1. Well, I am not a medical professional but in my opinion Counselling therapies along with coping strategies will help you to get out of this situation. Here are some points on which you can work.
      Lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
      Do not smoke.
      Avoid hot and humid weather.
      Try to keep your stress level low,
      Get advice if you feel abandoned and depressed.
      Do not wear tight, synthetic clothing.
      Take care of your skin and keep it clean.
      And you can share your feelings/thoughts with your therapist. It helps you get rid of anxiety and stress.

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