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Wound care ideas?

I've recently been taking turmeric capsules and had success with some of my flaring and realized that some of my online friends in groups for HS on other social platforms have mentioned using it topically.
After a little bit of Google searching on how to do this, I read that it could be applied on gauze or bandaging along with honey to help reduce inflammation and increase wound healing.
I already use gauze on the really bad days when my wounds are weeping, so I was wondering if anyone here has done this and did they find it effective?
I understand everyone's journey is different with this disease, so I understand if this isn't effective for everyone, but just curious and wanted to reach out.

  1. do the tumeric capsules help? Wondering whether to add them into my daily vitamins?

    1. Hello, Saint Lionstone! I am going to raise my hand as a major supporter of Manuka honey. The Manuka flower is grown in New Zealand and kills gram-positive, gram-negative and even antibiotic-resistant-bacteria. It helps with odor in case you are trying to deal with that because of course it kills the bacteria that cause that phenomenon. I actually used it on my feet when I reacted badly to stitches and my skin turned necrotic. Everything healed up great. And I'm using it right now for a procedure I had on my foot a few days ago. When you apply it to lesions, you can use it on both open and not yet open lesions, it will help those that haven't opened yet to do so. Wound care centers use Manuka honey on sites such as deep bedsores that haven't come to the surface yet. If you plan on adding turmeric, it's activated by black pepper, so make sure that is part of the mix. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Everything mixed together is pretty pleasant smelling and I usually get pain relief almost instantly. You will want to make sure you change the dressing every 12 hours, and don't double-dip your applicator. I hope this helps! ~Chelsea (Team Member)

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