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HS Awareness Week 2023: It Takes All Kinds

Welcome to Hidradenitis Suppurativa Awareness Week 2023! While HS warriors work tirelessly to support one another and bring awareness to this condition all year round, we believe it’s especially important during this week to recognize the hard work you do.

It takes all kinds

In any community, it takes different strengths and skills to build and foster a diverse, supportive ecosystem. Our theme this year is “It Takes All Kinds,” and we know that it is your individual contributions that shape and add value to our community!

The Learner

The Learner educates themselves by reading articles written by our Health Leaders and personal stories shared by our members. HS is often misunderstood, and you are your own best advocate by learning as much as you can to make informed decisions about your health.

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The Supporter

The Supporter lends encouraging words to fellow members, often connecting in the comments section of an article or on our Facebook and Instagram pages! HS can be isolating, but we can always rely on our members to show support to one another.

The Connector

The Connector starts important conversations and offers advice from their own experience living with HS. Many of these conversations happen on our forums! It can be difficult to navigate HS and find people who can relate, but this community is full of people who will do just that.

The Developer

The Developer cultivates a safe space for our HS warriors to feel comfortable sharing – which can be quite intimidating on the internet! Talking about HS and the different ways it impacts life can leave people feeling vulnerable. Ensuring that all members are welcome to share and contribute, without fear of judgment, makes this community a safe haven.

We see you

No matter what role you take on in this community, we see you. Without you, we would not have this community to learn from, support, and advocate for HS warriors!

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