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Heat and HS: How I Plan To Beat The Heat This Summer

It’s almost that time of year again. That time of year when some of us HS warriors find ourselves in an imaginary race trying to beat the heat and keep our sanity while we enjoy the warmer weather. Sometimes it almost feels like a cruel joke to wait months for warm weather and then once this desired weather comes, so do the constant flares. The heat definitely exacerbates my symptoms, but the nature lover in me cannot resist basking in all the beauty our planet has to offer. This year, instead of suffering through the heat, I’m planning ahead and bringing some handy reinforcements along the way.

Yes, wearing loose clothing can help with HS

Whenever I hear this, I can always hear myself going “yeah, yeah” inside. Truth be told, I’m not really a loose clothes type of person. Besides, I have found that wearing loose clothes sometimes rubs my flares more anyway. Instead, I prefer lightweight clothing that keeps me cool. I’m choosing this year to be more prepared and still enjoy life within reason at the same time.

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Hydration is key

As most of us know, having access to ample amounts of water can be extremely beneficial to staying hydrated in rising heat temperatures. As you sweat, your body loses important salts and minerals which must then be replenished in order to keep you running at optimal efficiency.

I thoroughly enjoy drinking large amounts of water throughout the day, but you can also add in liquids like coconut water, homemade juices, and smoothies. Currently, I’m on a celery juice kick which I find to be a refreshing drink that helps to keep me hydrated.

Keep your body as cool as possible

Like I stated earlier, wearing loose clothing is only one way to help keep your body cool. Since I don’t prefer loose clothing, I like to opt for fabrics that are UV protective and made from lightweight materials like polyester that are moisture-wicking. However, sometimes clothing isn’t always enough in the middle of summer when temperatures really start to soar.

This summer, I’m considering buying a personal mini fan that I can carry around with me and even making a DIY cool water spray to beat the heat. Of course, avoiding the direct sun as much as possible is always the most obvious answer here, but when this is not possible I plan to employ these supports.

Other considerations

While it’s true that you can plan ahead to beat the heat, sometimes our bodies are not ready for prolonged exposure to certain temperatures. In this case, it’s important to be mindful of how your body feels at all times and to be on the lookout for signs you may be getting overheated. Two of the most common types of heat-related illness are heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Some common symptoms of these illnesses are dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, confusion, fast pulse, and elevated body temperature.

With all of this said, I am looking forward to enjoying another hot summer this year, except this time I will hopefully be more prepared.

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