Product Review: BoilEase

My dad got his first HS boil in the 1980s when almost no one knew what Hidradenitis Suppurativa was. He tried hundreds of products and experimental treatments (and I know most people even today are in the same boat!) before having 7 skin graph surgeries that left him in the hospital for 18 months- only to have HS pop up within weeks on another area of his body. He never did find a magic solution, and he always had a slew of products, pills, lotions, and bandages under the bathroom sink. One of those products that he always swore by was a lotion called “BoilEase”.

What is BoilEase?

BoilEase is a ‘drawing salve’- a product designed to thin out the top layer of the skin and help bring the lesion to a ‘head’, or to draw out all the gunk inside. It is meant to be used only on flares that are not already open or weeping, as it is not meant to get inside the body. It is for external use only and should never be used on broken skin! Trust me - I learned that lesson the hard way.

Now, I am going to pause here and say that I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. Many dermatologists recommend avoiding drawing salves or products labeled as such because using too much of them or using them too frequently or in certain sensitive areas can cause damage to the skin. I was already Stage 3 and had so much damage to my skin that my dermatologist told me it was okay for me to try this product as she didn’t feel like much more damage could really occur. Please speak with a medical professional before trying anything, especially something topical.

How does BoilEase treat HS?

With that being said, this is a MIRACLE product for me. It contains 20% benzocaine and is one of the only products that has ever helped with that burning/stinging combination pain that shows up as a lesion starts to swell. It absolutely reduces the amount of time a lesion is active for me and is a godsend for stubborn flares that have been around for weeks but won’t break or recede. It softens the skin, so instead of it being a firm, hard lump under the skin, it becomes almost like a giant zit - soft and squishy with a head on it. From that point, I take as many hot Epsom salt baths (and by hot, I mean HOT- the water needs to be as hot as you can possibly handle) in a day that I can stand, using the BoilEase and a heating pad between each bath. Within 72 hours of starting that course of treatment at that intensity the lesion usually breaks, and I get that sweet SWEET relief.

This product is reasonably priced. In the U.S. it can be purchased at stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid. In Canada (where I’m from) I’ve only been able to find it online through Amazon or shipping from A little goes a long way - it lasts for ages. I’ve had the same tube for about 6 months now and it is still about halfway full, and that’s with me using it on at least a monthly basis!

Overall, BoilEase is, at least in my opinion, absolutely a worthy investment. It has become part of my toolkit that I rely on heavily, and I hope that it is something that can help you too! You can learn more about the product at

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