A variety of food substitutes laid out like sugar-free jam, banana, salmon, bbq sauce, etc.

My Top 10 Favorite Substitutes

Hidradenitis suppurativa can be caused by many different things. Some people might flare from stress, anxiety, depression, or a hormonal imbalance, while others might flare from certain foods or beverages. Some of the most popular inflammation triggers include (but aren’t limited to): dairy, red meat, alcohol, nightshades, spicy foods, gluten, sugar, and oily/fatty food. That’s a lot of stuff you potentially may not be able to have!

Just because your diet may be limited doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat good food! There’s many substitutes you can use to try and fill your cravings and hey, you might not even miss your trigger!

Please note that any specific brand mentioned is not sponsored or paying me to say this, this is all my own opinion and I just want to share what I really use and what I’ve found works best for me and my tastebuds.

My top 10 favorite food substitutes

Cow’s Milk: I substitute with almond milk or coconut milk. Just as creamy and delicious!

Pasta: I substitute with hearts of palm noodles. Some grocery stores even already have it in pasta shapes, like lasagna and linguine!

Flour Tortillas: I substitute with almond flour tortillas, especially delicious for making wet burritos.

White/Potato Bread: I substitute with Ezekiel 4:9 Bread. Seriously, I don’t even miss regular bread. This bread is made with sprouted grains and I use it for sandwiches, patty melts, and grilled cheeses. It’s SO GOOD toasted. Would definitely recommend.

Sugar: I substitute with Monk Fruit Sweetener. The brand Lakanto makes it in all forms you’d need like granulated, powdered, and brown!

Red meat: I substitute with chicken, turkey, or fish. Beef burgers are great, but turkey and chicken burgers are just as good. Ground beef can be substituted with ground chicken or ground turkey. Salmon can also get super crispy if you put it in an air fryer and it’s so good as a sandwich on the Ezekiel Bread with some lettuce and sugar free BBQ sauce. Does salmon taste like red meat? No. Does it taste extremely delicious? *Stone Cold Steve Austin Voice* Give me a hell yeah!

BBQ Sauce: I substitute with G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ. G Hughes is honestly one of my favorite brands. They make a variety of sugar free products like multiple BBQ sauce flavors, teriyaki sauce, ketchup, marinades, and honey mustard. I don’t even notice the difference between regular BBQ sauce and G Hughes. It’s really SO GOOD!

White Rice: For low carb nights, I substitute with cauliflower rice. Regular non-low carb nights, I use brown rice and quinoa. Anti-inflammatory foods are key!

Jelly/Jam: I substitute with the brand Good Good. They have so many different flavors of jams and jellies. I found them on Amazon and grape jelly is definitely my favorite! They help make for a great guilt-free breakfast or lunch on the Ezekiel bread.

Ice Cream: I substitute with frozen bananas. You can make some delicious “nice-cream” using frozen bananas and a blender! Non-frozen bananas are overall great too because you can use them as a base for cookies and pancakes! Yay bananas!

So those are my top 10 favorite substitutes. If you try them, definitely let me know how it goes! Also be sure to comment down below with your personal favorite no-trigger substitutes!

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