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This Is Just A PSA That Hearts Of Palm Exists

Hello World! It is I, Hidradenitis Selina, and today, I need to tell you about something that you may or may not be aware of. This something is called “hearts of palm” and it is quite life-changing, not to be dramatic or anything.

Why yes, I am talking about food. A food that I was not aware existed until recently.

You should be aware that heart of palm is a vegetable from the inner core and growing bud of palm trees. You should also be aware that it is delicious and can pass as pasta, which is why I love it and plan to name my firstborn after it (just kidding... or am I?).

Now you might be saying to yourself “Selina, what do you mean ‘pass as pasta?’”.

Well, let me put it this way: it’s not pasta, but it’ll do.

Gluten is a huge trigger for me

Seriously, I have grown very fond of this weird vegetable found at Whole Foods and on Amazon. See, as you may or may not be aware, gluten is a huge trigger for me and my Hidradenitis outbreaks. You may or may not also be aware that my last name is Ferragamo. You can see my dilemma.

“Ferragamo” is Italian for “pasta monster.”

Not really, but it should be.

But really, I love pasta with the burning passion of 1,000 suns. It is my favorite food and I had it every Sunday night growing up (with more times during the week if I begged or if it was a holiday or my birthday). I also learned how to make a full pasta dinner using just a microwave while away at college and living in a stove-less dorm. You see, getting that proper education and such.

Fast forward a few years, I was extremely sad when I could no longer have it because of the outbreaks it was causing. The glutenous heavenly treat was causing me more problems than it was worth and I had to say adios to it.

Being without pasta for a long time sucked and I began a hunt for something that would satisfy my cravings. Zoodles (zucchini noodles) just weren’t cutting it! There had to be something else out there!

And there was!

(Hearts of palm enters left from stage door)

It's not pasta, but it'll do

You probably think I’m bonkers but honestly, it gets annoying and tiresome not being able to have your favorite foods because of an uncontrollable disease. Hearts of palm helps fill the void and helps me avoid my trigger. If you can find a substitute for your favorite triggers, why not?

hearts of palm pasta

I get my heart of palm from Amazon and Whole Foods. Amazon has a lot of shape options and Whole Foods has a great lasagna shape.

Like I said, it’s not pasta, but it’ll do. Having this helps fill the pasta void in my heart and also helps keep me from flaring. I only just recently found out about hearts of palm so I just wanted to share it with you all! I know pasta and gluten is a big trigger for a lot of us so I hope I can help give you something to substitute it with and you love the hearts of palm as much as I do.

Please know that I still slip up sometimes and eat real pasta. Having your triggers sometimes doesn’t make you a bad person and please never think otherwise. You have an uncontrollable disease and it’s 100% understandable that you want to indulge in what everyone else freely does.

I love trying to find substitutes for my triggers, so comment below with your favorite substitutes for your triggers!

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