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Holiday Gifts For Your Loved One With Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Christmas, Hanukkah, and the holiday season in general is a wonderful time of year – for most. However, when living with a chronic illness, specifically hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), the holiday season can worsen symptoms.

Holidays can be stressful for people with HS

Personally, the cold/flu/COVID risk this time of year brings makes my anxiety worse. You see, any illness worsens my flares due to my immune system being overwhelmed.

This can be true of anyone with HS, as many face the same issues. Many people also travel for the holidays which can aggravate flares. Stress is a big trigger as well, which is heightened during this time.

Gifts for your loved one with HS

If you want to help a loved one with HS this holiday season, consider showing your love with a gift from the items below:

  1. Their favorite wound care items, such as Band-Aids, Vaseline, manuka honey ointment, Hibiclens wash, their favorite soaps, boil ease, aloe vera, and more.
  2. A heating pad or heated blanket (for the days when the pain is too much)
  3. Restaurant or grocery store gift card (for food delivery)
  4. Their favorite skin care items for a spa day at home (lotions, perfumes, nail polish, face masks, eye mask,  etc.)
  5. Bath items (Epsom salts, bath bombs, essential oils, a bathtub tray, a bath pillow, cozy towels, etc.)
  6. An aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils for healing/relaxation (I like tea tree oil, lemon, and lavender)
  7. A fancy but discreet pill organizer
  8. Their favorite snacks (for the days they need a pick-me-up)
  9. Herbal teas (chamomile is a favorite of mine for relaxation)
  10. A thoughtful necklace for spoonies
  11. Comfortable pajamas for the days stuck in bed
  12. On-the-go kits: include baby wipes, alcohol wipes, skin tape and gauze, band-aids, travel size pain relievers, etc.
  13. Gift cards for clothing (loose, comfortable clothing with HS is a must!)
  14. A bed tray with activities they can do in bed to relieve stress: adult coloring books, a good book, their favorite magazines, a small puzzle, a journal, or if they’re crafty – an embroidery kit!
  15. Offer help! Some HS warriors cannot complete difficult tasks, like yard work. Offer your services to help take the stress off.

Many of these items can be combined into one gift or a care package any time of year. You can also use them as stocking stuffers or have some of the items handy if you are hosting them in your home!

Quality time is important too!

Even if you cannot afford items on this list, you can just spend quality time with your loved one. Often when we are stuck in bed with a bad flare, we feel isolated and depressed. Sit with them in person watching Netflix or doing an activity. If you are long-distance, you can Facetime them and play a virtual game or watch a movie together. The possibilities are endless!

The HS warrior in your life will appreciate the thought and care you put into their gift. HS can be a lonely disease. I recommend adding a personalized card with any of these gifts and you will make their day.

Happy Holidays!

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