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My 3 Stages of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Last updated: January 2022

During my last excruciatingly painful episode of Living with Hidradenitis (coming to all Blockbusters near you soon!) I realized that there’s multiple stages of pain for Hidradenitis. No, I’m not talking about the Hurley Staging System. I mean actual stages and different types of pain. Now, perhaps this is just me personally, but I thought I would share and see if anyone else goes through similar occurrences. Or maybe I’m just weird for thinking this way. Who really knows? But either way, here we go!

First stage: The flare

The first stage of pain for me is the flare stage. This stage begins when a flare develops. This pain is caused by the flare itself. A very painful boil, lump, or cysts, if you will.

I could best describe the way this feels like burning, fiery, prickling hell… not to be dramatic or anything.

10/10 definitely would not recommend.

Second stage: The procedure

Well, I bet you guessed it by the name of this one. The second stage happens during the procedure. This is a completely different type of pain than the pain felt during that first stage. This pain is a whole different type of excruciating. I could best describe the way this stage feels as sharp icicles shooting through your bloodstream. This is mostly in part due to the lidocaine used to numb you, but does it matter what causes it? It sucks nonetheless.

This stage also plays a big emotional impact on me. While the lidocaine numbs everything so I can’t feel the pain of the draining, I still know what’s going on. I can still feel my doctor’s hands-on me even if I don’t feel the pain of the needle cutting open my flare. It’s hard for me to describe. When it’s happening, I can’t help but think about what’s going on and it messes with my head and freaks me out.

Like sir, I know what you’re doing, I feel sort of what you’re doing, please don’t mind if I flinch while you touch my skin tissue. See, while this pain is excruciating and sucks, I believe 10/10 would recommend. This pain means you’re at a medical professional and getting the help you need for your flare. It means you’re on the right track to feeling healthier! Well, that better be what it means! Because you sure as hell better not be doing this at home, bub!

The final stage: The healing process

This stage of pain takes place when you get home from the procedure and the lidocaine starts wearing off. Yes, I promise that really is as fun as it sounds. This stage I could best describe as feeling like open wounds. Like you know when you cut yourself really bad and you have to deal with the consequences for the next week and a half of knocking and bumping your wound somehow into every object and item you own? It’s like that. Except it’s usually in the worst spot imaginable like your groin or armpit so mobility is really inconvenienced as well.

FUN TIMES, I TELL YOU. And seriously in the name of all things holy, don’t even get me started on packing.

Once again, 10/10 would definitely recommend. You’re on that healing road, baby! WOO HOO!

But yeah, those are my Hidradenitis stages. Comment down below and let me know what you go through and if you go through the same thing!

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