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Doctors for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

What qualities do you look for in a doctor?

  1. HMMM, well in my perspective a doctor should be honest, well aware of his importance and role towards a patient, he should explain everything, understanding is the most important thing which should be present in a doctor.
    Mostly our doctor is likely to ask several questions,
    For example, When did your symptoms begin? What did the skin lumps look like when they started? and after that their sessions go on.First, they should listen to you carefully then move towards their diagnosis & evaluation, and treatment and after that, they should explain to you each and every single detail o you can know.

    1. the qualities I look for in a doctor are familiarity, kindness, and genuineness. For starters, I don’t want to walk into a clinic and have someone read me a memorized text book response when I ask them a question about this debilitating illness. Subjectively speaking, just because the doctor may have knowledge of HS doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she has a sense of familiarity with the condition. And this is huge in my book!

      Secondly, the doctor has to have proper bedside manner. Most importantly, don’t make it seem as if this condition is my fault because if you do it will be the last time I will ever return to that office. In short, treat people how you would like to be treated.
      Lastly, be truthful with your patients. Don’t lie or just be so quick to write us a script for some medication. There’s honor is being honest, and your integrity should be placed on a high value with your patients.

      1. The qualities I look for are someone who is patient, kind, and understanding. I've been with doctors who don't want to listen to my pain or experience they just want to diagnose, if they even do that, and then leave. It can be disheartening especially when you're looking to them for relief. Someone who is knowledgeable and isn't egotistical. I love a physician who doesn't know something but does everything in their power to educate themselves and the patient. That is someone I can work with. Also, physicians are open to alternative healing. Western medicine isn't the only space where healing exists. If my physician is open to working with me while I explore that is someone I am more inclined to work with.

        1. great answer, and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      2. When meeting a doctor for the first time, I am always paying attention to whether they are actually listening to me. For example, I met a new PCP once who, after I explained some HS symptoms, instead focused on the acne I had on my face and only addressed that. When a doctor actually listens, they stay on topic and address your concerns. I also respect a doctor who understands I am the expert in my own care.

        1. I am so glad to know there is a community that validates my experiences. It can be easy to feel gaslighted by the medical system. When I feel like I have had an unhelpful experience with a doctor, I have to remind myself that I know my body better than they do. I have been lucky in my HS journey so far, but every once in awhile I meet a doctor that raises so many red flags. It makes me grateful for the great doctors who are out there!

        2. it’s as if you’re taking the words right out of my mouth ! 💜

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