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Doctors for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

What qualities do you look for in a doctor?

  1. When meeting a doctor for the first time, I am always paying attention to whether they are actually listening to me. For example, I met a new PCP once who, after I explained some HS symptoms, instead focused on the acne I had on my face and only addressed that. When a doctor actually listens, they stay on topic and address your concerns. I also respect a doctor who understands I am the expert in my own care.

    1. The qualities that I look for in a health care provider are compassion, respect, sensitivity (acknowledge my needs) and has more than just book knowledge.

      1. I second those! And I think I have a great respect for doctors who treat me as if I have an equal stake in my healthcare. I am not one to just go along with what the doctor says. I ask questions, I provide information. There was an issue with one of my doctors once, and I was getting frustrated; I finally told him that for every appointment, I came prepared, and I expected the same from him and his staff. Instead, they were 3 months behind me and making excuses. After that, they got it together and it was fixed.

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