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Simple Tricks For Managing Armpit Flares

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would share some of my tricks for when I get Hidradenitis flares in my armpits. These tricks are just my own personal favorites and what works for me might not work for you. I really am sorry if that’s the case. Isn’t it so fun that Hidradenitis is such a tricky little devil? Anywho! I really do help these tricks help you and please comment down below with your own personal favorite tips and tricks!

Using Vicks Vaporub on my flares

If you’ve read my past articles or follow my Instagram page, you know I have a (slightly unhealthy) obsession with Vicks Vaporub. No, but seriously. I love that stuff so much I would get a t-shirt declaring my love for it if I could. I was about to say tattoo but that’s a bit extreme. Anyway, it has helped me numerous times and with numerous issues besides a stuffy nose.

For my unopened HS flares, I use a tiny little dab. Really, just a tiny amount because too much can potentially burn your skin. But I really do love it and it helps cool the area and sometimes the menthol helps open the flare so I can get relief from the pressure that’s built up underneath my skin. It’s inexpensive, in so many stores, and truly helps my flares. My boyfriend got me tiny travel containers and I have one in every bag, his car, my car, and various spots around our apartment. It’s my go-to for unopened flares. And I always smell minty fresh so you’ll never have to worry about having a stuffy nose around me. We all win!

Pantyliners in my shirt holes

Pantyliners are so helpful, even if you aren’t menstruating! If you live with HS, you’re well aware that you can randomly get an outbreak and that outbreak can randomly open at the most inconvenient times. There have been so many times that I’ve been at work and I move my arm and I feel the wet sensation of a suddenly open flare. Insert major eye roll here. Besides feeling extremely annoyed and angry, frankly, it just makes me feel gross.

To help with my armpit flares and oozing, I like using panty liners in the armpit region of my shirts. I just unstick the backing of the panty liner and pop it right into my shirt. Don’t be afraid to use more than one if you want to have more coverage and protection. It’s a nice option for when I don’t have my Hidrawear or gauze around. Ah, glorious pantyliners; They add a cushion, support, and help pick up any of the excrement of the flare. Woo-hoo feminine hygiene products! You go!

Warm soaks to soothe HS flares

I can’t lie. I love bath time. Soothing, relaxing, unwinding bath time. Not only does it help my anxiety and stress, but it helps my flares. I love using Epsom salt in the bath and soaking in warm/hot/hell inferno water. When I have a flare, my overall goal is try to make it come to a head and open, or go back down underneath my skin and just go away. I prefer when they come to a head and open because I feel like there’s less of a chance of the flare coming back, but I will settle for the second option of going back under the skin if I have to. The warm water and Epsom salt helps to soothe my flares and helps lead to one of my two goals.

If you’re really feeling like a bad-ass, light a candle during the bath. Go on, you won’t.

Don't hesitate to see your doctor

Ha ha! I got you with this last one! But really, it’s the best advice I could ever give. If your flare is getting to be too much and you want to feel better, please don’t hesitate to see a doctor. They’re there to help and there definitely is a doctor out there for you even if you haven’t found the right one yet. It took me 4 different doctors and many appointments before I found mine, so really please don’t give up on trying to locate them.

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