You Have A Chronic Illness? In This Economy?

Having hidradenitis suppurativa is never a walk in the park. A lot of the time, I probably wouldn’t even be able to walk in the park because of having a groin flare. But seriously, having hidradenitis suppurativa is not easy and it is especially not easy in this economy.

Ready for a rant/vent session? Because buckle up, here we go.

I'm struggling with the cost of everything

Go to a pharmacy or grocery store and look around at all the prices. They are astronomically high. Not just astronomical, but disgustingly. Just last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the grocery store and we spent over $100 dollars on groceries that didn’t even last us 3 days. And don’t even get me started on the gas prices. Over 5 dollars a gallon in New York? It would seriously be easier (and cheaper) to just Flintstone my way everywhere. I guess I need to trade my Chevy for a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car at this point.

I can’t lie, I’m struggling with the cost of everything. Within the last few months, not only has the price of groceries and gas gone up, but our internet/cable bill, rent, and renter’s insurance all have gotten higher too. My boyfriend and I work full-time and you never would guess it with how much money we’re left with at the end of each week. We’re still paying off medical bills from when I had a Mallory Weiss Tear back in December and the prices of everything around us just keep getting higher and higher. Every time the gas goes up, it’s not like our salary correlates with it. Every time the price of chicken and fruits/veggies goes up, it’s not like we get a raises from our jobs.

What about people with chronic illnesses?

So far I’ve only discussed items that the vast majority have to deal with, like groceries and gasoline. But what about people with chronic illnesses, like hidradenitis, that need items to help with their disease. Personally for my HS, I’m a repeat buyer of gauze, Vicks, epsom salt, medical tape, and Bacitracin, just to name a few. What about people that need special creams and deodorants, and items that help lessen the pain? It gets expensive just trying to live your life without any pain.

Because it now takes me over 40 dollars for just a HALF a tank of gas and over 100 dollars for 3 nights of groceries, I have to budget where my money can be spent. I ran out of epsom salt and Vicks Bath Crystals last week, things that personally help with my groin flares, but I can’t get more because that’s not part of the budget anymore. Sorry but rent, food, toilet paper, and gas come before Vicks and Epsom salt now. And that’s really sad.

"It’s like I’m setting myself up for flares, just by trying to live"

Not only can I not buy what I need, but now I can also get anxious and sad over the rising prices and not being in possession of what I need. Anxiety, stress, and depression cause me to flare. Anxiety, stress, and depression are what I constantly feel when having to go food shopping or get gas. It’s like I’m setting myself up for flares, just by trying to live.

I just wanted to write this article so you know you’re not alone if you’re having money troubles and are not able to get what you need for you HS. The struggle is beyond real right now. HS Warriors are strong as heck, though, and we will get through this, just like we get through our bodies attacking us on a daily basis. What a wild ride this thing called “life” is!

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