You Are Not Alone

You have hidradenitis suppurativa
You have an uncontrollable illness
You have a disease that you were born with
You have a condition that isn’t your fault
You have to live with something so painful
You have to deal with something most people can’t even imagine
You are not alone

You are strong
You are beautiful
You are not lazy
You are not unhygienic
You are extraordinary
You are indestructible
You are not alone

You are not disgusting
You have abscesses and they don’t make you gross
You are not weak
You have marks on your body that tell a story
You have scars that display your powerful history
You should not be ashamed of the blemishes
You are not alone

You can cancel your plans
You can order take-out
You can silence your phone
You can call out sick from work
You can get your groceries delivered
You know your body’s limit
You are not alone

You need to do what’s best for you
You can cry
You can laugh
You can watch your favorite shows and movies
You can stay home all day
You can fake a smile
You are not alone

You can be negative
You can be positive
You can avoid social interactions
You can do whatever it takes to try to feel better
You can cuddle with your comfort items
You don’t always have to push yourself
You are not alone

You have fatigue
You have an aching body
You can sleep as long as you want
You are not weak for taking pain medicine
You can bunker yourself under blankets
You can nap
You are not alone

You can be mad
You feel sad
You can be confused
You feel anxious
You can feel out of sorts
You have feelings and every single one is valid
You are not alone

You don’t have to go to the party
You don’t have to answer the phone
You don’t have to make fake excuses
You can be honest about a disease that isn’t your fault
You can tell your friends and family and the people that love you
You can use your voice
You are not alone

You have hidradenitis suppurativa
You are strong
You are indestructible
You are powerful
You are beautiful
You are a warrior
You are not alone

Battling multiple flares

This is my first rodeo in poetry (besides what I was forced to do in high school), so please be gentle.

I wrote this poem when I should have been attending a party. But instead of being at a baptism dinner, I had to cancel (last minute) because of multiple groin flares. They are absolutely agonizing. Sitting, walking, going to the bathroom, and showering are all nightmares.

You are not alone

This poem is made up of things I keep trying to remind myself as I sit here and try not to wallow in self-pity.

Hidradenitis suppurativa can cause so many negative feelings and it can be hard to remember how strong you are as you’re bedridden or stuck on the couch and missing out on all the fun. But all these things are honestly true. We are living with something so painful and excruciating.

Please don’t forget the strength you have inside and out. You are more than this disease and you are not alone.

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