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5 TV Shows That Distract Me from My Flare Pain

Last updated: May 2021

When I have a flare, they are all-consuming. It will take over my body, my mind, and my daily habits. In order to counteract this bonkerness (it’s a word, I swear), I try to distract myself with some good mind-numbing television.

Here are my top 5 shows that really help distract me from my annoying Hidradenitis Suppurativa pain:

Gilmore Girls

A fictitious show about a mother and daughter who live in a small town and are best friends. I seriously love this show and definitely recommend binge-watching all 7 seasons and if you’re feeling really ballsy, the 4 episode-revival. It’s a perfect mind escape and the small-town setting is enough to make anyone fall in love with it. Add in the wonderful main characters, humor, drama, and Kirk, and you got yourself an award winner (I don’t actually know if it’s won any awards but it should’ve).

I love getting lost in this show and watching it takes me right to that small Connecticut town that I wish so badly was real. Definitely a great humorous and drama-ish show that is filled with HS distractions.

Stranger Things

Do you like The Goonies? Then you’ll like Stranger Things. Set in the 80s and with the main cast of 12-year-olds (I think in season 1 they’re 12?), it gives the perfect Goonies-vibes. Some parts are funny, some parts are scary, but all parts are entertaining and wonderful. The kids have to find and save their best friend that went missing and it is just so great. So far 3 seasons are out with more on the way, so go get watching! This show is so entertaining, you won’t even notice your flares!

Great British Baking Show

I have never seen such a more wholesome food competition show in my entire life. Like you know how on Chopped and Cut Throat Kitchen, people are extremely savage? Yeah, that’s not the case with this show. This is a baking competition show set in England (did the title give it away?) and it is just so wholesome and entertaining. Like contestants try and help each other instead of sabotaging each other. It’s insane! But really, it’s so nice and fun to watch and really a great distraction. They also have fun holiday editions too!

The Big Bang Theory

A sitcom show about ultra-nerdy roommates living their lives in Pasadena, CA. It really is just a hilarious comedy and I’ve loved it since before I started high school. I find it so funny and no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes, I still laugh just as hard. The characters are hilarious and the show just genuinely makes me really happy. Don’t listen to Reddit! I promise it’s great!

The King of Queens

This show has been a staple since my childhood. I would watch it with my mom every night and now I watch it with my boyfriend whenever it’s on syndication (and we own the DVDs). A sitcom show about a husband and wife living with the wife’s elderly father in Queens, NY. It is so funny and the father-in-law is hilarious. The antics he gets into are just so good. They also went to a New York Islanders game at the Nassau Coliseum in one episode so you just know it’s a great show. The humor is a great distraction to the pain and I will watch it anytime I can.

So, there’s my list of favorite HS distraction television shows. This is just my personal preference and as you can see, I’m a big fan of comedy and using humor as a distraction. I guess I try to use positive vibes to outweigh all the negative around me! However, you might prefer drama, history, sports, or watching reality television! But finding anything to distract yourself from the pain is the goal! If you don’t like my shows, I hope you can find your own great distraction shows! And please be sure to tell them to me because I would love to know them!

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