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Enter to win the #UnhideHS Giveaway: What is something you wish others knew about HS?

HS Giveaway 2021

To enter to win the #UnhideHS Care Package Giveaway, comment on this forum thread and let us know what you wish others knew about hidradenitis suppurativa.

Bonus entry: Comment on a fellow community member's post to show your support.

Good luck!

  1. I wish people knew how difficult it is to hate looking at yourself in the mirror.

    1. I wish most people would know how heartbreaking it is to see your loved one dealing with such pain. She is non verbal but you can tell from her facial expressions that she is in pain. It breaks my heart because I don't always know what to do to help but I try my best.

      1. I wish people understood the pain and stigma associated with HS.

        1. I wish people understood how many different things can affect flares — sleep, food, stress, etc.

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