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Dealing with abcess

Seems like soon as one goes away another appears and each time it's little bit more hurtful

  1. As soon as one abcess calms down two more show up. They are painful and large and scary. HS frustrates me and sometimes makes me sad.

    1. Same exact thing with my condition as well. I only get the painful demonic boils basically covering both of my armpits (Thank God I suppose lol) but my goodness this is the most horrible thing ever to happen to me in my while entire life. I SUFFER every single day with this crap, with little to absolutely no relief in sight.

      1. I have talked to my doctor but not recently because I was just getting them every now and again now soon as one goes away I get two more in a different place

        1. Hi there!
          It sounds like you may be experiencing some recurring abscesses, which is certainly something that most of us in the community deal with. I am sorry you are experiencing pain. This can be a difficult condition to live with. If you haven't already, talk to your doctor about treatment and pain management. If you need some help talking to your doctor about your symptoms, you can use this link: to get some great information. This page also has some great tips about wound care. We are all here for you! Sending you good vibes -Isela Nataly (Team Member)

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