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How fast it the condition developing? How to stop it?

I cannot see any doctor for the next week and I try to self diagnose.
I got my first armpit bump a few months ago and then it become inactive after some time.

4 days ago it reactivated and transformed into 1cm red, wet wound, hurts
In those 4 days i get more and more small bumps with white heads. After removing the head and desinfección the bump is still open and won't heal
4days and I got 10 small bumps now even under the armpit!

1. Can it really develop 5+ new points every day?
2. Can it travel to the body without hair?
3. Can I stop it expanding?

  1. Hello! Thank you for asking these very important questions. First, don't panic, truly. It's very important to understand HS - if that is what you are dealing with. If it is, stress is a trigger for many people, because the body sends out many hormones when it receives a stress signal, and HS is often triggered by hormones. We are not bodies that are just affected by growth hormones and male/female hormones. There are many, many hormones - so many that we have yet to discover them all. So your first instinct will be to panic, but try not to. Second, HS is sometimes a very quickly advancing condition. You can have bumps that develop within hours. If I wasn't dealing with it myself, I would be amazed. Instead, I'm usually annoyed, and sometimes just plain old mad. Third, I happen to have a disease called alopecia universalis, which means that I don't have hair anywhere on my body, including eyebrows and eyelashes. I still have HS. HS is not dependent on hair. HS is a disease of the skin. Fourth, I'm on a combination of medications and I have had a couple of treatments and I feel very, very lucky that mine is very much under control right now. I had felt at one time that I was very unlucky and miserable because HS was advancing very quickly, but then I got 3 laser treatments with 2 different lasers, and I had surgery for 3 stubborn spots. Then I went on a biologic (not Humira, but Xeljanz), which stops new lesions from forming in areas that I didn't receive laser treatments. Now I only occasionally have to deal with lesions, but they are not as painful and they don't last as long. It is so much better than before!

    I do want to caution you that we now know for a fact that if you force a lesion open to drain, that it will come back and fill up again. You could be creating a chronic lesion that leads to scar tissue and possibly tunneling, where it works backwards in the skin to connect to other lesions. If you were to have a large or painful lesion that you ask the doctor to open and drain, the same issue would occur. People still do it, but it's a problem. If it opens and drains on its own, it's far less likely to come back.

    I hope this helps. I know you will be visiting your doctor, and hopefully it's someone who is very knowledgeable in HS and can answer more questions. We are always here for support and a listening ear as well!

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