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What do you think would be the best job for someone who suffers from HS?

Hello to all,

As someone who has been living with HS for 14 years and counting, thankfully I was still able to maintain employment throughout the years, despite how progressively worst my HS got...

So I'm just curious to know, what would be the best job for you or someone who suffers from this condition but they are looking to enter the workforce also, they don't know where to start as a reference point.

For example, is it best that you get a 100% completely remote job? Or maybe a job that allows you to come in a few days a week?

I'm really curious to know. Please share your insights.

  1. I have lived with HS all of my adult life and worked as a nurse 30 plus years. You deal with the hand you're dealt. You do the job your capable of doing and some people are incapable of working at all.

    1. I think work from home would be best. The lesions and boils I am dealing with right at this moment would prevent me from a job outside my home.

      1. Hello Joey,

        Being a writer and working from home has helped me stay productive and maintain balance. Unlike before, I am now able to focus better on eating right and exercise regularly. I save up on a lot of time and money as I don't have to travel to work. I've even started learning music and sketching, something I missed while working outside.

        1. great suggestion. Hopefully one day I can work remotely as a full-time content creator. Im glad you were able to get your health better and that’s so cool that you starting to learn music. I think I would like to learn how to play the piano one day.

        2. That's wonderful 😀

      2. I work through the flare ups and pain, I tend to have more flare ups when it's hot out, I've been dealing with HS 21yrs, my most recent is in both my arm pits and the more I sweat the worse it gets. I've have them dealt with numerous times, nothing seems to help. My inner thighs has scars and get them alot and groin area also, it's been a part of life for me but I'm exhausted from them. Not something you get use to just tolerate. When mine flare up regardless where, I have to take off work, once I had to take a while week off because I couldn't put my arm down and I was in so much pain. Some ppl don't understand only because they know nothing about it until you fully explain which also gets exhausting. But on a good not I am so glad I found this group and see there are so many others that goes through what I do and understands.

        1. Thank you for your response.I work a 40 hour work week that's Physically and mentally draining. And to say the least, some days are just so hard to get through. Idk how I do it somedays, so I understand your pain 💜

          Also, you're so right because people don't understand what we’re going through living with this illness and to constantly have to explain yourself makes me feel like a broken record!

          The struggle is real!

          Lastly, we are happy that you found the community. This community has helped change my life for the better in ways that people will never understand. 💜💜

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