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What do you think would be the best job for someone who suffers from HS?

Hello to all,

As someone who has been living with HS for 14 years and counting, thankfully I was still able to maintain employment throughout the years, despite how progressively worst my HS got...

So I'm just curious to know, what would be the best job for you or someone who suffers from this condition but they are looking to enter the workforce also, they don't know where to start as a reference point.

For example, is it best that you get a 100% completely remote job? Or maybe a job that allows you to come in a few days a week?

I'm really curious to know. Please share your insights.

  1. Hi Joey
    I lost my job due to HS- my mobility suffers and calling in sick often made it impossible to work your average 9-5 job. Finding something remote like order taking or call center work is helpful, or finding a job where you mostly sit all day has been helpful for me as well so that even on bad flare days I can usually make it to work.

    1. Hello and thanks for your reply. Your recommendations for employment are great. I’m currently employed at a job where I get to sit down during most of the duration of my shift. So I’m very fortunate.
      But if my current job didn’t work well with my HS then being employed at call center would of been perfect for me!

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