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Underarm flares

I have the most painful access under my arm I don't want to put my arm down. It's just about got me in tears. What are se reliefs have you tried to ease it? The pains about unbearable!!

  1. I had a huge flare under my arm and it felt like a softball was under there. I couldn't put my arm down and even bending over to reach for things made it throb and hurt so bad I could vomit. I couldn't sleep either. What I found that helped was putting a soft pillow under my arm and alternating heat and ice. I feel for you so much because the pain is so mentally and physically draining. Hope this helps for future flare ups

    1. Hello, Tonia! I'm so glad you were able to work out something to make you more comfortable! I could feel your pain just by the description you were writing. I hope you are able to avoid future flares like this and HS gives you a break - no one wants softball-sized lesions! Sending you some healing hugs! ~Chelsea (Team Member)

  2. Tysm, it's been an awful flare. My mistake was thinking it needed drained so I tried poking a hole to release it but every so often I get the ones, mostly under arms that do not ooze it just feels like a softball under my skin and a small quarter size flare on the surface. I have literally been in bed for a week laying in whatever position I could find with an ice pack on it. The temp of it was 101 so it was a hot one. I have tried vicks and use it regularly on small flares but these huge ones just don't allow much relief. I also use aspercream with lidocaine or straight cream lidocaine which works miracles on the smaller flares. I've had this since a child and had one under my right arm that was just like this last one. However. My Dr didn't know what it was so the removal was sent to Mayo clinic. Now I have no feeling under that arm but still get knots I have to watch for so they don't turn nasty. It's such a hard diagnosis to deal with and people don't understand how crippling it can get.
    I couldn't put my arm down because of such severe pain it'd make me nauseous. It hurt on that side like I'd been kicked or bruised from my ribcage on up. I haven't left home until today and though it's gone down it still hurts to reach for things or put my arm to my side. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers in silence. My children also have it and that hurts my heart to see them going through it.
    I stick with this group for support because everyone's been kind and supportive and furthermore understanding so tyvm.

    1. Hello Tonia! Some have tried Vicks, and that's super easy to find. I'm a huge fan of Manuka honey myself. The Manuka flower is native to New Zealand and it kills a wide range of bacteria including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It also works on closed wounds, so if you put a smear on your skin plus gauze (and tape) and change it every 12 hours, a closed infection will work its way out. You can also put it on an open lesion; it may sting for a little bit, but after that it should be fine. So sorry you are going through this! ~Chelsea (Team Member)

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