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Can HS stay mild?

I am 30 years old and was recently diagnosed by my dermatologist with possibly having “very mild” HS. She described it as “the most mild case she’s ever seen” if that’s what it is. I was wondering, is it possible for HS to stay mild? Or does it always progress?

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    My sister has been stage 1 for years now with absolutely no progression and she didn't implement any lifestyle management strategies or medical intervention. Like mentioned its hard to answer your question with absolute certainty because even medical professionals aren't sure of the cause of the disease or the cause of progression, but there is definitely hope that it might not progress!

    1. Hey, . Thanks for reaching out here. This is an excellent question. From what I understand, not all cases of HS are progressive. However, without knowing your specific situation, medical, or family history (plus, I am not a medical expert) - I can not say for certain that will be the case for you. I am glad to know you have a doctor who knows about HS and can help you navigate your treatment options and any new flares that might occur in the future.

      Another thing to note, there is no known cause or cure for HS, so I am not sure if anyone, even a doctor, would be able to answer your question with 100% certainty. There is so much more research that is needed to understand HS, how it presents itself, and the range of symptoms that occur from person to person.

      I thought I would share a couple of articles with you that you might find relevant as you continue to learn more about HS. Here is an article about treatment goals: This article describes the staging with some detail:

      Have you noticed any trends with any types of foods, heat, etc., triggering new flare-ups or breakouts?

      Many folks have found that diet and lifestyle modifications help them better manage their HS, but it is not always easy to identify their triggers. wrote an excellent article about discovering their triggers and how to avoid them; if you want to check it out:

      Thanks for posting your question here. Maybe others in the community have some additional information to share with you, based on their own experience. Until then, feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

      Amylyn, Team member

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