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Distracting yourself from pain during a flare πŸ’œ

How do you distract yourself from the pain during an HS flare? Comment below!

  1. I do some coloring or cooking. Also watch Netflix or documentaries

    1. Hello! I do all of the above as well! And I am definitely into quality documentaries. They just can't make them fast enough to keep up with me. I like just about anything that Ken Burns has done. Thanks for sharing! ~Chelsea (Team Member)

  2. My relief from the pain hot wash cloth compresses with tea tree oil.on towel wash with tea tree soap or tea tree shampoo dry apply newsprint with a little Vicks vaper rub to sooth pain .this multiple times a day helps heal flair ups . And πŸ™.

    1. HGreat info. I think he's tree tea oil & Vicks are really helpful!

  3. The only thing that seems to help me is a hot to cold temperature shower, loose clothes after, and laying in bed with my wife binge watching Netflix.

    1. what are some of your favorite shows to watch on Netflix when you're distracting yourself from the pain?

  4. I love music . Hot baths . Hot compresses. Pain meds. Cry. Deep breathe. Sleep. Play my games . Watch DIY and Home improvement shows . Often end up in ER sadly.

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