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Do you think your HS is hereditary?

Does anyone else in your family have HS? My dad and my sister do, I'm curious if anyone else has that experience.

  1. My sister has hs hers is worse then mine but my children develop boils. And my brother and nephew has developed a different type on there scalp.

    1. My dad had boils during his growing up, but he didn't have it as bad as mine. At times I find his insensitive to the HS I have because his wasn't this bad. He once made a statement like 'it seems like you like going to Drs' like it's some kind of my favorite past time. That really hurt me, knowing his family genes likely put me into this HS situation.

      1. I highly appreciate you giving me more insight about the stories you've come across. Do you have a link to that particular Facebook post? Is there any fellowship HS groups that you know of? Fellowships like AA vibes but for people living with HS? I'm so happy that the person in the article had a positive outcome. I'm praying for a positive outcome too, because 'guttering' is showing to be the closest solution for me to regain my life. It was also very interesting to hear, then the person opted not to do skin grafting. I have a surgeon appointment soon, so I'll keep that in mind that opting out of skin grafting could be a option.

      2. I will try to get it to you here or send you a message! Facebook has changed how they set everything up, so I wasn't able to actually copy the link - it was driving me bonkers. (And I used to be in tech support for 16 years!!) So let me see if I can get you some additional info and a bigger picture. Fingers crossed for a good appointment! ~Chelsea (Team Member)

    2. My sister has HS as well.

      My dad doesn’t have an official diagnosis but he has had several boils on the upper thighs previously.

      Unfortunately I think I’ve got the worse case of it in my family - I think it has something to do with pregnancy making it worse. It was much more manageable before the third trimester when it got exponentially worse and has been since.

      1. I have the same skin type as my dad's side of the family (lots of blackheads, a tendency to get purple, lots of general inflammation, such as after vaccines). My paternal uncle and I both have HS, so I do see a genetic link between generally inflammatory skin that then develops into HS in some of us

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