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What type of doctor should I see for my HS?

What's the best specialist to see? Or should I just see my GP for my care?

  1. Great question! The best specialist is a dermatologist, someone who specializes in HS is even better, and they do exist! Like shared, there's a great list with the HS Foundation of HS specialists around the country. That being said I think a GP or Primary Care Physician is an important partner in HS care too. A GP will help you manage all of your health concerns and can help you manage different HS symptoms. My GP helps me manage the pain and inflammation from HS and it is often easier to get in to see a GP.

    1. Finding a Dr. for HS can be challenging but the HS Foundation has a map where you can search specialists in your area. It's extremely helpful.

      1. Seeing your GP/PCP is important as they know the rest of your medical history and are usually the gatekeepers of referrals and the rest of your care, so keeping them in the loop is important. I would also recommend seeing an HS literate dermatologist as they are the most versed in skin care & conditions and can really help you hammer out a treatment plan that works well for you. A General Surgeon is also a good idea if you find yourself needing lesions lanced- I usually have to go to the ER and get it done under general anesthesia due to my PTSD but it would be much easier if I had a surgeon I could book with when things get bad!

        1. It's so tricky since HS is different for so many people and it's also tricky based on the doctors you have in your location/area!

          For me personally, I had to see my GP first in order to know how exactly to handle my HS. She recommended I see a general surgeon and now that's my go-to doctor for when my flares get too bad. I also see an Endocrinologist who helps regulate my hormones which then helps regulate my HS flares (I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so wacky hormones make me flare)!

          I've also heard of many people seeing a dermatologist!

          Good luck and I hope everything works out with your HS! 😀

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