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HS-Friendly Products

If you were to put together the perfect care package for an HS Warrior, what comforting and practical items and products would you include?

  1. Hi Jasmine, I know this is an old post but I am new to site. Do you use the RSO topically or do you just take it internally?

    1. Stop eating chicken and egg and anything made with them. Use sulphur bar soap and eat lots of olives. Also pray to God and not Jesus.

      1. Hot baths with epsom salt. Clean hot washcloths (warm in microwave) to put on breakouts several times a day. Mupircoin ointment dries them out very quickly.

        1. yes the Epsom salts work a treat for draining flares!!

      2. My HS survival kit is:
        1. Vicks vapour rub (draws the flares to a head)
        2. Non woven gauze
        3. Magnesium sulphate (also draws to a head)
        4. A heat pack
        5. My cat (for emotional support) 😅

        I am getting HidraWear soon from my GP as it can be claimed for free in Ireland if you have a medical card so I’m really excited to try it as tape or certain dressings irritate my skin!

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