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Tell us you have HS without saying you have HS...

Having to explain your HS to those who don't get it can be exhausting. No explanation is required for this trend - let's hear what you got! 💜

  1. I used to hide it when I was younger, but now I let people I trust know what I'm going through. The explanation part is easy for me, the only problem I have is when people that don't live with it every day fail to realize the MANY accommodations sufferers have to do to become comfortable around others.

    1. I'm currently drinking home made banana tea. Looks like there's improvement.

      1. there are many online therapies for depression and anxiety. some medicines and excersises help too. best of them is called expressive therapy for depression. click the link below to visit the site.
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        1. - thanks for sharing this! If you don't mind sharing, what is your mode of expression that brings you the most joy? We'd love to hear more from you 💜

      2. immunity is most needed these days . its depressing in these epidemic days.

        1. Do you have certain ways of giving your body a boost? Do you incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies, or make sure you get sun and fresh air? Personally, I sing. I'm not sure how everyone else feels about it. 😀

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