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Tiredness and HS?

Hi all,

I've been struggling with chronic fatigue ever since puberty, around the time when the HS started. I've had all tests done and nothing has ever come back explaining why I may have tiredness.

I recently had a test for sleep apnoea but that came back fine too.

I'm really at my wits end, my quality of life is awful. Has anyone else experienced the same, do you think it could be linked to HS?


  1. so, from what I understand from speaking with multiple physicians is that inflammation in the body and pain is the culprit for our chronic fatigue. Our bodies are working on overdrive constantly, but this could be different for each patient.

    1. The pain exhausts me. It wakes me up at night.

      1. Hello! This actually comes up often in a lot of the HS patient groups I belong to. The short answer is yes, it's reasonable to think that your fatigue stems from HS, especially if you have been tested for other culprits. It's fatiguing to your body to have to constantly fight off infection every day, plus you are in pain. I hope you are able to pinpoint what it is that is taking such a toll on you. Sending you some extra-strength hugs! ~Chelsea (Team Member)

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