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What triggers your HS flares?

Certain types of foods, products, stress, hormones, smoking, genetics, alcohol, and a host of other factors can cause HS flares. A place to exchange ideas, tips, and experiences all related to HS triggers.

What are your triggers? How did you figure them out?

  1. I definitely think triggers can be so individual to the person. For me, triggers are stress (that's my hardest one), sweat or heat, dry skin, synthetic fabrics, loose pants, and dairy!

    1. I have both hormonal, situational, and food triggers. Certain fabrics, sweating, stress, my menstrual cycle, sugar, dairy, nightshades, even specific antibiotics that are supposed to help set me off!

      1. Hi Cooper! I'm in the same boat as you! Hormonal, situational, and food triggers affect me too! Certain fabrics, sweating, stress, my menstrual cycle, sugar, and gluten are the bane of my existence.

        It's so crazy how the same categories make us flare-up, but things within the categories make us flare! It's so inconvenient how one HS rule doesn't fit all! 🙁

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